Q. Do you really travel anywhere in the nation?

A. YUP! And on top of that, there aren’t any hidden fees! You know exactly what it will cost before any contracts are signed!


Q. Speaking on contracts, what is required to hire your team?

A. A signed electronic contract and a retainer are required before booking is confirmed. JWE Corporate happily accepts cash, business check but we prefer credit/debit cards because the process is much faster and simpler with them.


Q. Do you require food or lodging at the event?

A. In regards to dinner at the event, it is never required. Some of the staff prefers to not eat before performing, but depending on the location, how much time was required, etc there could be a “desire” to eat if asked. Never required, but always welcome an opportunity. Lodging is only required while we are traveling out of state. Normally the fees for lodging are built into your overall fees so JWE Corporate can handle the lodging aspects in house without you having to deal with those elements.


Q. What will your team wear at an event?

A. The standard is business casual for anyone in a prominent role in the evening. A Master of Ceremonies, Emcee, DJ or the like will normally always be in business casual at the minimum. The additional staff normally wear black JWE polos, or black attire.


Q. Can you provide video testimonials from past clients?

A. Absolutely! We try our best to get video testimonials from all our past clients, but sometimes that doesn’t happen due to time or location restrictions. You can take a look at what we are able to publish publicly at www.JWECorporate.com/reviews.


Q. if we wanted a very special service that you don’t have advertised, can you fulfill that?

A. Shouldn’t be a problem, but the best course of action would be to reach out to us directly through our CONTACT FORM and let us know what you have going on. When it comes to engaging entertainment, there really isn’t much we can’t do, but it’s always best to find out straight from the source!